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Our programs are designed to meet your ambitions as innovators and entrepreneurs in digital health
We support you with introduction to suppliers, experts and innovators

Our program facilitates access to the healthcare ecosystem, to capital and investments, to coaching and other startups with innovative projects 

Our offer

Our team of experts, suppliers and innovators will optimize your success! 

Accelerate the development and scale up of your digital products, and access financing and marketing support




Supported by a team of experts, suppliers and innovators to optimize your success! 

Accelerate the development and scale of your digital products, as well as their financing and


Step 1.

Pre-select of companies according to the program's criteria 

Step 2.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses with a 360 diagnostic of the company

Step 3.

Determine the actions to be taken with the program management team

Step 4.

Implement an intervention plan: the business and/or scientific support budget and the recruitment of the team of experts

Step 5.

Obtain coaching session/individual and group training (including simulations)

Step 6.

Tailor interventions based on each company needs :

•    Mobilize a team in a hospital center for validation in « living lab » mode 
•    Search from strategic partners (Biopharmaceutical group, etc). 
•    Prepare the commercial initiatives
•    Introduce to international clients and support 
licensing efforts, etc

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